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The 6-Selfie challenge.

  1. Pick Six of your favourite selfies from friends
  2. Tag those sexy people (tag your post #sixfriendselfies )
  3. If they do it, they pick their favourite selfie of you and six of their friends.

I was originally tagged by noodlesandbeef for this challenge. Damn, narrowing down the choices to just six was difficult. It could have been easy to tag everyone I normally interact with here (shoutout to the Ptown and EDC fam), but I thought I’d share the love and showcase some of the sweethearts that I’ve gotten the privilege of chatting with and getting to know, in and out of Tumblr.

stormdthecastle: I was originally drawn to your photo-a-day project. This is one from that series. You were creative, daring and raw with your shots. It’s also been fun following your workout progress.

ryno1185: I love your smile here. I wish I could have found one of you in a Power Rangers cosplay though. Thought I saw one before.

thelastgreatkings: So every selfie of yours was a contender. lol. You have such strong facial features that just draw you in.  

ravenclaw-prefect-anthony: I’m such a fan of your sense of style. I love the photos you share, from your ever-changing hair color to your fun outfits.

djcubster and stlbeartender: You guys are such an awesome duo with some of the sweetest (and hottest) couple photos out here on Tumblr. We hope to one day get a chance to meet you both.

hamulousayden: You look great in this shot. I’m really happy for all your workout progress. Your bright personality always shines though your selfies. 

noodlesandbeef: First off, how the hell did you even get this shot?? This photo is an old one of yours, but It was one of the first photos that I stumbled upon when I discovered your blog while looking for workout tips. Been hooked since.

Gasp! I love that photo :D

It was taken (wow) in 2011.

There is a cable car station at California and Market where the cars are parked. Thats where I took the shot…helpful that they aren’t moving and empty when parked.

Love the pics you picked for your friends.  Such handsome people :O

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